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nashmi customer service
Nashmi is the ultimate customer contact tool


The inbound section of the customer service department would consist of the customer/ client contacting the company. The person on the other end of the interaction would be the agent representing the company. This form of communication would comprise of calls or chats on social media or emails. The customer would usually be contacting the firm to inquire about prices or specific services provided by the company, or to complain about a matter or service. The agent would be faced with such inquiries either through phone calls or on the website or social media platforms.


Inbound Call Center Services

Our inbound outsourcing services allows your business to be there for your customers 24/7/365. When customers reach out, they expect a response. If it’s a telephone call, live chat, text, or email – when they contact you, they need you. If you can’t be there, we can. We provide businesses of all sizes scalable, inbound call center services at extremely affordable prices.



24/7 phone, chat and email support

Recruitment and training based on your needs

Work with management to establish a service protocol

Regular reporting monitors agents’ progress

Customized scripting ensures a consistent approach

Call recording access and the ability to rate operator performance

On-demand access to call scripting and the ability to make updates in real time


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